The idea of The Swinging Leaf stemmed from the pressures we face in the modern day world, with the daily grind of city life creating pressure on our bodies, leading to stress and a host of ailments connected to a fast paced lifestyle and the constant onslaught of a polluted environment.

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Herbal Infusions – A New Trend

Herbal infusions have been around for centuries, sometimes even finding mention in ancient texts. So, you may wonder as to why do we talk more about them only now, as compared to ever before.


In the grind of our daily lives, a lot of us face stress and tension everyday due to work pressures. This mental onslaught, coupled with ever increasing pollution levels plays havoc with our body’s systems. Over and above that, we resort to various coping mechanisms such as tea, coffee, alcohol or nicotine to keep ourselves working harder and longer, pushing our bodies to obey us, thereby subjecting ourselves to even more abuse. This has led us to fall into a vicious circle that wrecks our blood pressure and anxiety levels.

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Herbal infusions are one of the ways to counter this stress. They can be substituted as a tasty beverage in place of caffeine laden drinks. Young, working professionals, strapped for time, and working long hours are finally waking up to the realization that consuming excessive caffeine in the day is draining their health and lowering body immunity in the long run. Herbs are natural, devoid of any chemicals and preservatives and therefore have none, or negligible side effects. This ensures that herbal infusions, consumed as a drink are a safe and far healthier alternative for people living a hectic lifestyle. Moreover, people today have access to the internet and can keep up with habits and trends prevalent all over the world.  Everywhere, people are gravitating towards a lifestyle that advocates going back to nature and to basic simple living.  All over the world, people are understanding the importance of naturally grown produce. 

Explore our collection of Herbal Infusions – From our Herbal Tea and Herbal Infusion Collection.

The world today is groaning under the weight of pollution and global warming and a slew of diseases that were earlier unheard of. Moreover, fast paced lifestyles and consumption of products that may be synthetically produced or chemical laden has led to us filling our bodies with all sorts of contaminants. Since we all have no choice but to live on this earth, people are constantly looking to find every little way to heal and nourish their bodies. Meditation, multivitamins, simple lifestyles etc. Consuming herbs as tisanes lets a person provide nourishment and benefits to themselves in a safe manner, even in a fast-paced and competitive lifestyle. Hence, this ancient wisdom, relegated for long to the sidelines, is finally seeing a resurrection and renewed interest as a new trend.