The idea of The Swinging Leaf stemmed from the pressures we face in the modern day world, with the daily grind of city life creating pressure on our bodies, leading to stress and a host of ailments connected to a fast paced lifestyle and the constant onslaught of a polluted environment.

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Benefits of Lavender Tea

Lavender is a popular herb that originated in Egypt and has since then been grown in Mediterranean regions as well as in Africa and India. The word lavender comes from the Latin root ‘lavere’ which means, ‘to wash’. So, it would not be wrong to believe that lavender, with its many significant health benefits, can indeed have a cleansing effect on one’s body and mind.

Lavender Tea impact on mental health

Did you know that some studies have indicated that the aroma of lavender sends signals to the brain to uplift mood? It relieves anxiety and stress and leaves one feeling calmer and more relaxed. Lavender Tea also helps deal with restlessness and nervousness, increasing focus and concentration abilities. It can also prevent degenerative diseases of the brain, like dementia.

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Lavender Tea is also a great sleep aid. Traditionally, some cultures recommended putting a lavender flower underneath one’s pillow to fall asleep faster and avoid bad dreams. In modern days, lavender has been proven to help people with insomnia get a better quality of sleep and minimize sleep distractions.

One may get relief from headaches and migraines upon consuming lavender tea in soothing infusions and brews, which does sound like a fit companion for someone working late into the night or even seeking a good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

Effects of Lavender Tea on the body

This simple herb also has a host of benefits to impart to various systems in the body. Lavender Tea helps treat indigestion, gastroenteritis, ulcers, stomach cramps and abdominal swelling. Vomiting and nausea can also be reduced.

It lessens bloating and menstrual pain and can cure general stomach pain as well. Hot flashes during menopause have also been found to reduce after a regular intake of lavender.

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Research has found that lavender tea is a great supplement that helps control high blood pressure and heart rate, eliminating risks of pulmonary disease, strokes, and heart attacks. The calming effects of lavender may potentially help asthma patients breathe easier.

Lavender helps prevent and slow down hair loss and improves hair quality and growth. It also flushes out toxins from the body and imparts a cleaner and healthier feel to skin. It speeds up the process of healing wounds inside the body. Healing of toothaches and gum problems have reportedly also been aided by it.


The Swinging Leaf’s experiment with Lavender Tea

If you are looking for a dedicatedly creative blend that will feel like a long massage to your brain, as well as to your body, try our infusion ‘Lavender Love’!

The wondrous contents inside the pouch find very little competition when it comes to promoting good mental health and relief from anxiety. It comes heaped with the goodness of lavender and lemongrass, both of which ease the mind and encourage good sleep, so that one may begin the next day feeling perfectly refreshed and positive.

Lavender Tea is totally caffeine-free alternative to your regular hot morning beverage that will free your senses, and make you fall in ‘lavender love’!

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